Is wordpress really free?

WordPress as a software is free for you to download and use. However, to use wordpress on the web, you will need WordPress hosting.

Is wordpress really free?

WordPress as a software is free for you to download and use. However, to use wordpress on the web, you will need WordPress hosting. You can use WordPress, com to create a free blog, but keep in mind that there are some differences. WordPress software is free in both senses of the word.

You can download a copy of WordPress for free, and once you have it, it will be yours to use or modify it as you wish. So, yes, WordPress is free to download and use. It is open source software that is licensed under the GNU General Public License agreement, anyone can use it, modify and share it because its design is publicly accessible. Since its design and source code are shared openly, WordPress users are encouraged to voluntarily improve the design of the software.

Users can also report bugs, contribute patches, and suggest features for improvement. There are many aspects of WordPress that are free, which is one of the wonderful things about the platform. The reality is that thousands, if not millions, of companies, developers and enthusiasts benefit from WordPress. If you want to use the WordPress logo on your website, be sure to use it in accordance with WordPress's trademark policy.

With web hosting, you're basically paying to rent space on a server (computer) to run WordPress software for you. If you download or purchase a plugin, you are free to modify, adapt and sell the code just as you do with the WordPress core, as long as you release it under the GPL license. If you want to customize WordPress, best practices tell you to “pack your customizations into a new plugin or use one that's already available. Some of the main costs you'll encounter include domain name charges, hosting fees, and premium themes and WordPress plugins.

Whether you want to create a simple personal blog or a complex website that sells thousands of products, WordPress can do it all with ease. CSS, javascript, and used within a theme are excluded, but all PHP and HTML parts of a theme that derive from WordPress functionality are under GPL license. But what if the plugin or theme develops a security issue and a new update is released to fix it? What happens if a new version of WordPress is released and your theme or plugin no longer works? Your site or some functionality of it will be broken. We have published a guide to creating your WordPress website, as well as 15 tips for WordPress beginners.

But since the software itself is free, a WordPress website still represents extraordinary value for money. WordPress as a software is released under the GPL, but the words WordPress and WordCamp, as well as the WordPress logo, are registered trademarks owned by the WordPress Foundation. A quality hosting provider will provide you with support as part of your hosting plan to help you with your hosting, domain management, and WordPress installation.

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