Why WordPress is the Best CMS Platform

WordPress is by far one of the best CMS platforms available today due its ease-of-use features such as design flexibility scheduling content adding custom hashtags thousands of free & paid templates & more.

Why WordPress is the Best CMS Platform

When it comes to content management systems (CMS), WordPress is the clear winner. With both CMS, the content you create on your site is yours, however, WordPress provides easier to manage tools for exporting your site without restrictions. Squarespace users can enjoy some of the benefits of self-hosting, Squarespace's complete developer platform. This developer-friendly space unlocks some additional features, for example, Git and the ability to export data in case you want to leave.

Squarespace users have access to professional support when they need it, at no additional cost, through live chat and email tickets. Craft is the new kid on the CMS block and its content management interface is simple. Let's look at some of the differentiating factors when it comes to WordPress vs Craft CMS. Even people without technical knowledge in PHP and HTML can easily operate this cost-effective framework. Starters who only have the superficial idea of word processing programs can easily work on WordPress in its visual form without any coding. If you want a more personalized look and feel of your website, partner with a good WordPress agency to help you achieve your goals.

It's an ideal choice for bloggers, magazines, designers or anyone who wants to deliver great content to customers. It has a large number of users and developers who contribute tons of themes and plugins for users to choose and customize the website in their own type. It is the most preferred software by Google and other search engines because its plugins improve the level of SEO. Like WordPress, there are several other content management systems available. Some of the other CMS platforms are Joomla, Drupal, Type3, SilverStripe, Concrete5, Textpattern, Symphony, while WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are the most widely used CMS frameworks among all. Therefore, this blog is mainly focused on making a comparison of WordPress CMS with two other platforms: Joomla and Drupal.

Studies conducted on the comparison of WordPress with Joomla Drupal show that WordPress is the most popular, with more than 140 million downloads, leaving Joomla and Drupal far behind with only 30 million and 15 million downloads, respectively. However, the best CMS can not be decided on the basis of statistical data, since it all depends on the user's needs. Therefore, this blog will be useful to choose one of the three CMS platforms that suits your needs. WordPress also gives you design flexibility. Which means that if you decide that you want to have different design layouts throughout your website rather than a single, consistent design, you can easily achieve this through WordPress as it allows for the integration of multiple layouts. WordPress already offers a large selection of pre-made themes but it also allows you to install third-party themes and plugins to customize the site without much coding knowledge.

Lets you choose how much content you're willing to make public and how much you want to keep private. WordPress also allows you to schedule content so that it can be prepared in advance and published at any time. WordPress also allows its users to add custom hashtags and categorize content which improves the browsing experience for visitors. You can also upload and manage your photos, videos, graphics etc. WordPress can embed multimedia content in the shortest amount of time and with great ease. According to official plugin listings, WordPress alone offers approximately 52000 plugins while its main competitors such as Joomla and Drupal only offer approximately 8000 and 39000 plugins respectively.

When it comes to managing and maintaining a website using WordPress as a CMS has many advantages. To create a unique site change the layout and rearrange the elements is very easy but there is a catch; you can't switch from one theme to another as you please unlike WordPress where you can modify them without restrictions. In addition most of these themes are mobile friendly (responsive) which makes WordPress even more powerful. By far the most amazing benefit of creating a website with WordPress this CMS allows you to easily add a blog to your site. All you need to do is install the Polylang Weglot or WPML plugin or use TranslatePress to easily translate your entire WordPress website including publications pages tags categories into as many languages as you want. In its early days WordPress focused on blogging but new iterations have added more features and an extensive library of plugins. The initial cost of WordPress is free you only pay for hosting; the cost of Wix increases quickly if you want more than just a basic site. With WordPress it's never been easier to create a website for your business and even more complex solutions such as larger multisite platforms SaaS systems CRM and server infrastructures as well.

You also need certain tools and resources that can help you make your content stand out from the rest and in such a scenario WordPress can be of great help. Instead of installing WordPress once more you can use the same username and dashboard to manage both. WordPress has a built-in RESTful API and Craft doesn't have a REST API at the core but to make content jobs easier there is the first-party Element API plugin. In fact WordPress provides you with thousands of free and paid website templates that are extremely customizable. On the other hand Squarespace cannot even come close to the integration possibilities of WordPress and in addition to data Squarespace cannot provide developers with powerful APIs to build like WordPress does. WordPress right from the start gives you an edge with SEO especially when it comes to on-page optimizations. You must ask yourself why there is a big difference between the market share of WordPress and the other two popular CMS platforms.

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